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August 2016
What do locals from Las Palmas do during their weekends?
We tell you the plans of Gran Canaria's natives, so you can feel just like one of us when you come to visit us.

Would you like to feel like one of the locals of the island of Gran Canaria? Here we offer a number of tips for you to enjoy the island as if you were from here.


Many tourists who come to visit us do it to enjoy our hotel, the beaches of Gran Canaria and the various deals offered around the interior of the island. But today, we’d like to tell you how natives from the island spend their weekends.


As we have previously written about the different street markets of the island, the beaches and some villages yet to be discovered, today we’d like to talk to you about the charm of living in Gran Canaria. What do locals do in Gran Canaria? How would a weekend of leisure on the island be for an islander?


Depending on all the leisure plans you aim for, we recommend splitting the weekend in different parts. What better than starting a Friday afternoon having some tapas in the Mercado del Puerto, extend the “sobremesa” – that Spanish traditional endless table chat after lunch among friends and family - and end the afternoon strolling through the shopping area of ​​Mesa y Lopez? Later on you could have a coffee break around Ruiz de Alda pedestrian street, an area with very comfortable and fashionable bars where to hang out with friends, and end the day dining in El Muelle Deportivo -seaport- ; a shopping centre with a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a midnight drink by the sea and the sailboats moored at the dock. If you still feel the night is young to call it a day in Las Palmas, go to the harbour where there are night clubs to youthfully dance the night away with the locals. Whenever you are ready to come back to your home at Dunas Hotels & Resorts, you’ll get here in just half an hour on the highway, toward Maspalomas.


Saturday is usually a day when many who live in the capital escape either inland or to the south coast of the island. But others spend it in the city, since it offers countless options and plans for the day. There are interesting art galleries around the area of Vegueta, such as Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno - Atlantic Centre of Modern Art - or Centro de Cultura Contemporánea in San Martin – Contemporary Culture Centre -. It is very usual among young groups of friends to mix their day combining cultural visits, a walk around the old part of town, and finishing with a refreshing cold beer and some tapas at some of the most typical restaurants in town.


In the afternoon, one of the favourite hangouts among those who live in Las Palmas is walking along the shopping street of Triana; and when tired going to the movies and an evening drink in any of the terraces in the area it’s just the perfect way to end the day. The shopping and cinema plan can also be organized in southern Gran Canaria, near Dunas Hotels & Resorts, in the Atlantic Shopping Centre in Vecindario (about 15 minutes from our hotel) and in several other commercial and leisure areas in the south of Gran Canaria.


When Sunday comes, locals often divide their time either on the beach or the countryside, depending on the weather and the time of year. In winter and spring, many take the opportunity to enjoy the best months inland of Gran Canaria, with the green areas in full splendour. And many chose to go up the mountains looking for a fresh weather break from our eternal spring.


In summer and autumn, when the weather is warmer and the sun shines intensely, most opt for a day at the beach. People from the capital come down to the south, especially Maspalomas beaches. So, as you already are in our hotels spending your holiday close to Maspalomas, we suggest you the opposite way: a Sunday on the beach of the capital: las Canteras. How? As locals do, with a good bread roll, refreshments and the towel over your shoulder. It is the best way to spend a great day and finish the weekend with renewed strength.


How would you like to spend a weekend as locals from Las Palmas do? We tell you the plans of Gran Canaria’s natives, so you can feel just like one of us when you come to visit this beautiful island.

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