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Listing of News

March 2016
Get your luggage ready to come to Gran Canaria
What are the things you can't miss in your luggage when you come on holiday to Gran Canaria?

The enjoyment of travelling doesn’t start once we’ve arrived at our final destination. Preparations are one of the dearest stages for most travellers (and the most disliked for others!).

Though, the real journey begins by looking for information about the city or country we are visiting, buying some travel guides as well as when thinking about which clothes we’ll be packing.

A bad choice when preparing our luggage could be a moving surprise once we get to the hotel where we’ll be staying ... When we travel in winter to a place where we know it will be definitely cold, it’s easy: Winter wear! When we travel in summertime to places where we know that it will be warm: cool clothes! So far so good, but what happens when we are travelling to a destination where there may be all sorts of climates?

No matter the time of the year you come to Gran Canaria, it is advisable that your luggage has a bit of everything in it. Clothing that you can mix and match according to a hot sunny day, a colder one or even when it is raining. Gran Canaria has a unique microclimate which allows its visitors to enjoy different landscapes and climates, so to bear in mind when preparing the luggage will surely offer you plenty of comfort any time and any day of your precious holidays.

Our knowledge of the island will definitely be of great support for you when preparing your luggage for your next holiday in Gran Canaria. First of all, we suggest you to make a list of all the things you need to bring with you. This will be extremely handy and timesaving the day you pack your luggage, and it will avoid leaving something behind that although it may not seem previously essential, could have become very helpful once in Gran Canaria.


Luggage for Gran Canaria

It is an important task to start listing everything necessary in any trip (and what we more often than not tend to forget): toiletry bag, pyjamas, underwear and travel kit. When choosing the clothes, the first thing to know is what kind of activities you’ll be undertaking. If the plan is focused on leisure and beach, the clothes will be different than if the plan is hiking, trekking, etc.

Whether is an urban and/or countryside plan the basics to keep in mind are the cold and/or hot weather we can bump into. Wearing comfortable pants will help you feeling at ease wherever you go to; shirt or t-shirts are cool garments to wear under the sun, and always add something to keep warm on your luggage’ list, a sweater or even a jacket that will guard you from that cold wind of the highlands of Gran Canaria. Choose the right shoes, it is important that your feet do not suffer when travelling, otherwise, you could end missing some attractive plans if you don’t take care of them.

These are the key recommendations to take into account when preparing the suitcases for a few enjoyable days in Gran Canaria. If you are planning any special activities, on no account forget them when listing your musts!

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