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Interview with Heidi Martin
10 years like a guest of Dunas

Heidi, better known as lovely by the staff of Dunas Maspalomas, celebrated her 10th Dunas anniversary on the 4th of November 2009 at the hotel. In 1999 a new (Dunas) era began for Heidi after lots of travels through countries such as USA, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Israel and Italy.

She discovered her love of Gran Canaria and of the Dunas Resort in Maspalomas during a one week long holiday accommodated in this hotel. In the following 10 years she visited the same hotel almost 20 times with stays that became every time longer. Meanwhile she considers the Dunas Suites & Villas and Dunas Maspalomas her second home, because she visits her Dunas family 1 or 2 months every year.

Read an authentic and emotional interview with a woman who loves Gran Canaria, its inhabitants and the Dunas Hotels. She also makes interesting observations about holiday and everyday life.

1. Why and when did you come to our Resort in Maspalomas for the first time?

It was by chance. I was looking for an accommodation in a resort that offers space for individuality and that is situated near the sea with sun and warm temperatures. As I never liked high rise hotels, I consulted some brochures and finally decided to book the Dunas Resort in Maspalomas. I was attracted by the widespread gardens, by the location near the Dunes of Maspalomas and the sea.

2. What do you find so special at the Dunas Resort?

There are lots of things. I would begin with the beautiful and tropical gardens of the resort. Every day you can see gardeners taking care of them. The biggest difference between the Dunas Resort and the other hotels is the warm, friendly and personal contact to the staff. I have been spending my holidays at the Dunas Suites & Villas and Dunas Maspalomas for the last 10 years and for this reason I feel like more a friend than a guest. The special relation that I have with the hotel staff makes this place unique for me. Last year the hotel manager called me on Christmas day in Germany and asked how I was. It is good to see that there are tourist companies, where you are considered as a person and not just a number.

3. What is the best place to visit in Gran Canaria? Can you make suggestions for other Dunas guests?

During my life I have visited lots of places in the world, for example I was in the USA, Turkey, Greece, Malta, Israel and Italy but no place fascinated me like Gran Canaria did. I experienced the true and diversified face of Gran Canaria through organized bus tours. Lots of people call the island a miniature continent and in my opinion this is really true. In the North there are forests and green meadows, in the South a desert as in Africa, in Las Palmas you can enjoy the Caribbean way of life and in the centre there are mountains up to almost 2000 meters.
Above all I like the mountains so I suggest to all the guests, they should see the Roque Nublo. The sightseeing tours in Las Palmas are worth booking. I am not the conventional beach tourist. Unfortunately only very few people know that there is much more than sun and beaches on Gran Canaria. I feel, now it is my chance to draw their attention to this fact! (laughs loudly).

4. What does the holiday on Gran Canaria at the Dunas Resort really mean for you?

Perhaps this will sound to the others a little bit extreme, but Dunas has helped me in several everyday situations. When things did not work as planned, I always thought of the Dunas Resort in Maspalomas. The thought I will soon be in a place where I can find lots of friends and where I can relax for several weeks helped me to get over some crises in my life. You will not believe it, but at home I have a ribbon with the number of days I have to wait until my next holiday. Every day I cut a piece of this ribbon and enjoy seeing my next holiday coming closer and closer.

5. Have you already planned your next holiday? Where will you go?

Yes, I have. In May 2010 I would like to go to Scotland or Norway.... But as good as I know myself, I will probably come once more to Dunas Suites & Villas and Dunas Maspalomas (laughs loudly) - I cannot leave my friends alone for such a long time...

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