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May 2016
Diving in Gran Canaria
Immerse yourself in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Since 2005, Gran Canaria is one of UNESCO’ World Biosphere Reserve, so it is highly recommended that you visit the charms of the island. Visit the island, but you shouldn’t miss the magic that lies beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Gran Canaria is the perfect place for scuba diving and learning about the different species living in its waters.

Due to its specific climatic features, with an annual average temperature of 20ᵒ centigrade, the trade winds which allow spring to be with us throughout the year, and the quality of the seawater known internationally for its warmth and transparency, many professionals come to Gran Canaria any time of year to dive into the Ocean’ seabed.

Whether you want to start learning how to scuba diving or if you are an expert on the subject already, there are many centres and schools with great experts that will teach you how-to scuba diving or/and will give you tips for improving your diving technics. All the necessary diving equipment will be available for you to hire, so there will be no need to carry any bulky equipment in your luggage.

Anywhere along the coast of Gran Canaria you’ll find underwater activities; discovering and enjoying unspoiled places that due to their hard-access remain stunningly intact; an example of this is the high biodiversity seabed of Güigüi. 8 minutes’ drive from our hotels you’ll be able to enjoy scuba diving in Pasito Blanco; diving down low difficulty up to 19 meters deep, with an average current and watching species such as angel sharks, skates and stingrays. Another benchmark for diving in Gran Canaria is Playa de El Cabrón, in Arinaga. It is the highest concentration of diverse marine fauna and flora. Its difficulty is average with a maximum depth of 22 meters.

If you’re not a fan of diving so deep, you can always join snorkelling, you’ll only need a diving mask and a snorkel tube. But if you rather not even get wet, you can enjoy the wonderful underwater world through various underwater photography contests held in Gran Canaria which show its great wealth in fish habitats.


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