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The village Teror in Gran Canaria

Many tourists, who come to Gran Canaria, ask us for authentic and charming places that are worth a visit. The village Teror is without doubt one of the places on the island, which we are very happy to recommend.

The village of Teror is located in the inner part of Gran Canaria, about 20 km from the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The historical centre is certainly part of the cultural heritage of the island, especially due to the Basilica del Pino, where you can find the statue of the patron saint of Gran Canaria, the Virgin Mary of Pino.

Basílica del Pino, Teror

The festival takes place every year on September 8th, but you can also enjoy more activities, traditions and celebrations during the month. The festivities also include a pilgrimage of believers proceeding from several places of the island to the town of Teror.

Besides the Basilica del Pino, there is the possibility to visit the Bishop’s Palace, the City Hall, the Cistercian and the Dominican Monasteries. In addition, you can enjoy the nice streets of Teror and the historic houses with their canary patios.

You do not know how to go there? Here you can print out the route from your hotel to the village Teror:
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