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Condiciones del Dunas Club
General Conditions

1.1 The Dunas Club fidelity card is issued by the Dunas Club, Hotel Dunas Mirador Maspalomas, C/Einstein s/n, 35100 Sonnenland, Gran Canaria, España, tel +34 928 445 302, fax +34 928 445 320, email:

1.2 Anyone over the age of 18 years can apply for the card. By completing the attached or online form and making a single payment of 10,- Euros you obtain the right to participate in the privileges and prices program.

1.3 Dunas Hotels & Resorts employees cannot participate in the program. Only one card per person is allowed.

1.4 The Dunas Club card is valid exclusively in the Dunas Hotels & Resorts.

1.5 The Dunas Club card is property of Dunas Hotels & Resorts; it is not transferable and can only be used by the holder.

The participation in the program can be cancelled by both sides at any moment without the necessity of justifying any cause. It will be done in a written manner while the other party has to confirm the reception of the advise. Collected bonus points have to be exchanged immediately.

1.7 Dunas Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to exclude from the program those members who do not respect the participation and prizes petition conditions or that provide false information. In these cases the accumulated bonus points expire immediately.

1.8 Lost or stolen cards can be replaced by paying a 5,- Euro fee or by exchanging 20 bonus points.

Each personal details alteration has to be communicated to the Dunas Club.

2.1 The holder has to present the card each time he wishes to be credited with the points that belong to him. By booking on the phone the card holder has to book under his name and to indicate the membership number, that appears on the card. In case of an online reservation on the website of Dunas Hotels&Resorts the cardholder can reserve up to 3 accommodations at the same time at the Dunas Club rate under his name and for the same period of stay. Nevertheless he can collect points with the expenses exclusively proceeding from his own room.

2.2 The holder gets 1 bonuspoint for every 5 Euro, local taxes excluded, spent directly in the Dunas Hotels, either if it is for the accommodation or for extras. All bookings done through tour operators or any kind of service from third parties will not be converted into points. Points will not be given either if the cardholder participates in meetings or banquets organized by a company in the Dunas Group Hotels.  Wedding and birthday parties of the holder himself are the only exception. If the amount to be credited was not exact, points will be rounded off. The accumulation of points begins on the card application date.

2.3 The holder gets 1 status point for every 5 Euro, local taxes excluded, spent directly in the Dunas Hotels, either if it is for the accommodation or for extras. Par. 2.2 conditions also apply  for the status points.  The holder will begin with the blue card. If the member spend a minimum of 5,000 Euro and accumulate 1,000 status points, he will have the right to the silver card. The gold card is the highest level, which is granted for a minimal expense of 15,000 Euro that is for the accumulation of 3,000 status points.

2.4 The Dunas Club member receives a detailed statement of the points in their accounts regularly.

The assignment of points to third parties is not allowed, with the exception of the partner if holder of a "partner card". The request must be made in a written form.

2.6 The bonus points can only be exchanged for the prices advertised in the catalogue or on the Internet.

2.7 An upgrade to the following or to the best accommodation category, the early check-in and the late check-out will be subject to the availability in the respective hotel or complex on the client's arrival day.

2.8 The points will be credited only once per offered service. For example, if two holders of different accounts use jointly gastronomic services or stay in the same room, the respective points will only go to one of the two cards. The same will apply also for the welcome treatments and gifts.

2.9 In the case of the holder's death, it is allowed to assign the card and the account the partner for free, by a written request.


2.10 The holder of the card can collect points proceeding from the expenses of his own room and (as exception) of the room occupied by his minor children. Other relatives and friends who are older than 18 years can aquire their own Dunas Club card and the person who recommended the card receives a reward of 100 bonus points

2.11 The welcome gifts are exclusively granted to the holder of the card and his/her partner, in the room they occupy.

2.12 In order to collect points the card holder has to present the Dunas Club card at the check-in. To collect points for extra expenses realized in the hotel it is necessary to send the corresponding tickets marked with the member code and the signature of the staff member, who attended the guest.

3.1 If the card holder wishes to exchange his bonus points for prizes, it’s necessary to contact minimum 3 days in advance with the Dunas Club and indicate the wished prize. The respective bonus points will be deducted from their account and no points will be credited for this/these night/s.

3.2 The voucher has 6 months validity. The holder will have to ask for a new bond once this period is over.

The holder is the only one who could ask for the voucher, which will bear his name and will be sent to the address registered in the archive or directly to the corresponding hotel. The request has to be made with an approximate 3 weeks advance to the accommodation.

The voucher cannot be transferred to third parties, nor changed or returned. In the case of abuse or misuse of the bond, the Dunas Club reserves the right to cancel it.

3.5 Lost or stolen bonds will not be replaced.

3.6 In case of voluntary completion of the program, the card holder has to exchange the bonus points before, otherwise they expire for good.

3.7 The bonus points have 60 months validity from the date of their accumulation. If the points are not exchanged during this period of time, they expire for good.

3.8 The status points have 60 months validity from the date of their accumulation. If the remaining points do not reach the necessary limit after this period is over in order to maintain the same status, there will be a status reduction and a changing of card (for example: from silver to turqouise, from gold to silver).

4.1 The Dunas Club takes no responsibility for services or products advertised in the price catalogue which will be provided by third parties.

4.2 Any necessary modification of these program participation conditions by legal requirement will exclude the right to damages.

4.3 The Dunas Club reserves the right to modify at any moment the program participation conditions. The members will be informed about the modifications via newsletter by e-mail or news on our website. The calculation of points can be subject to modifications without the right to lodge an appeal.

The Dunas Club reserves the right to cancel the card because of inactivity, that is if no visit to one of the Dunas hotels is recorded in the member'sfile in the last 3 years. The cancellation will be notified by phone or e-mail 15 days in advance. Collected bonus points, that are not exchanged before the cancellation, expire for good. In case of an incorrect cancellation due to missing stays in the client’s file, the card can be reactivated recovering the points already collected. Cards that have been cancelled correctly because of inactivity can be reactivated with a new PIN, if the client is going to make a booking at a Dunas hotel. In this case the points expired cannot be recovered.


4.5 The Dunas Club reserves the right to end the program or to replace it with another one without explanations. The accumulated bonus points until that time have to be exchanged during the following 30 days to the completion date. Otherwise, they willl expire for good.


4.6 In the case of legal action, it will be subject to Spanish Law. The parties comply with the jurisdiction of the courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

5.1 In compliance with Organic Law 15/99 dated 13th December, on Protecting Personal Data, we inform you that the personal data, that you leave or send us via the listed document, will be included in the automated file owned by “DUNAS HOTELS & RESORTS S.L.”, which is considered as file supervisor with the Tax Identification Code number (Spanish C.I.F.), B-76167865. They will be included in the file with the purpose of management after verification of the accuracy of the data left by the applicant and whether the application complies with the requirements of the customer loyalty program. Furthermore the applicants will receive information about promotion actions and advertisement for diverse services and products of the company, birthday wishes, etc. via one of the given contact options. We inform you that the images you give us, send us or the ones we obtain from activities performed in the hotel, will be saved in the database of the company and can be published on our website, social network or offline media of the loyalty program with the aim to promote the company and the club.

Alternately and by virtue of what appears in Art. 6 of the same legal document, we inform you that your data may be transferred and treated according to the rules and legal needs of the institution. You have can exercise your right to access, rectify, oppose and cancel by contacting the file supervisor at their address at Calle Francisco Gourie 107, 5º palnta, 35002 Las Palmas de G.C., province Las Palmas  or at the e-mail




Updated in November 2014

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