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Preguntas y Dudas sobre el Dunas Club

It is the customer loyalty programme of the hotel chain „Dunas“ with the aim to reward the loyalty and trust of clients in our services.

It works with three cards of different colours. These cards enable the owner to receive a series of constantly increasing services and gifts. Reservations have to made in the name of the card owner, indicating the member number and the colour of the card.
You start with the turquoise card, at 1000 status points you automatically receive the silver card and at 3000 the golden one. With the membership card you can collect points for all spending done directly in our hotels. You can exchange your points for gifts

·    If you book your holiday directly at Dunas (using our reservation centre or our homepage), you receive a special price.
·    Moreover you can enjoy a series of services and gifts during your stay. These get upgrated with each colour of the card.
·    It is possible to exchange your points for gifts (e.g. entrance fee in parks, massages, free stays in our hotels, discount vouchers...)
·    By showing your membership card, different partners of the Dunas Club will provide you with discounts.
·    Regularly you get per e-mail a newsletter informing about what is going on in the Dunas world an with the amount of your points.

In every Dunas hotel there are information brochures with an application form which you can fill in and hand over to the recepcion. From home, you can order the card over our homepage, select the area Dunas Club and fill in the online application form.
After paying a one-time fee of 10 € you will receive the card. You can pay directly in the hotel, via bank transfer or by informing the Dunas Club about your credit card number and expiry date.

Unfortunately not. Only by collecting points it is possible to receive the silver or golden card.
These points result from spending in our hotels.

The holder gets 1 bonus and status point for every 5,00 €, local taxes excluded, spent directly in the Dunas hotels, either if it is for the accomodation or for extras.
·    Spending on stays, listed on the hotel invoice are automatically converted to points some days after your check-out.
·    Receipts for direct spending in our selling points (e.g. bars, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.), not listed on the hotel invoice should be sent to the Dunas Club, so we can credit the points manually.

There is a wide range of gifts between you can choose: From beach towels with Dunas logo, entrance fees in theme parks, free stays in Dunas hotels, discount vouchers for reducing the hotel invoice and massages up to sport courses... There are gifts for every quantity of points. You only have to choose.

·    By recommending the Dunas Club card it is possible to get 100 bonus points extra.
In this context it is necessary that your name and membership number is written in the right , upper corner of the application form.
·    If you publicise a comment about your holiday at Dunas in one of the portals, or and send the link to the Dunas Club we will reward it with 100 bonus points extra.
·    Win extra bonus points by participating in our competitions which we regularly present in social networks as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

On our homepage, you have to choose the area Dunas Club and open the document „Actual prizes“ at the end of the page.

You have to contact the Dunas Club, using
·    telephone +34 928 445302,
·    fax + 34 928 445320
·    e-mail:
·    post: Dunas Mirador Maspalomas, Calle Einstein s/n, 35100 Maspalomas, Gran Canaria
and indicate the desired gift. After checking your points the Dunas Club will send you your gift home or to the hotel you are staying in. Some gift are only sent by post nationally.

Yes, after 60 months, which corresponds to 5 years, from the time of earning.

In principle no.
·    The card holder can quit the membership at any moment in written form.
·    The Dunas Club reserves the right to exclude those members from the programme that do not respect the participation conditions or did not stay in one of our hotel during the last 3 years.

You have to get in contact with the Dunas Club, by telephone, fax, mail or by post. The collected points expire in the moment of leaving the club. That is why we recommend you to exchange the points before leaving.

You have to make one single payment of 10,00 € when handing in the application form. There are no further costs.

·    On our homepage you can select the area Dunas Club and after filling in your membership number and pin, you will be able to enter in your private area.
·    There you can open the window Dunas Points and check your current account statement at any time.
·    If you do not have internet available, ask the Dunas Club directly to send you your current account statement with your account transactions und your balance regularly.

Contact the Dunas Club and inform us about the problem. We solve it immediately.

In principle no. You can only collect points for the rooms of your children and/or partner. The amount of these rooms should be transfered to your invoice before you check-out. The other relatives and friends who are older than 18 years can aquire their own Dunas Club card and you can receive 100 bonus points extra for every person canvassed.

No. The gifts apply exclusively the holder of the card and his/her partner, in the room they occupy.

For every spending made directly in the hotel you receive bonus and status points. It is possible to exchange the bonus points into gifts, whereas the status point determine the colour of your Dunas Club card. The bonus points decrease with every gift you order. The quantity of status points only decrease if the points expire after 5 years.

You can find a list of partner companies on our homepage You have to select the area Dunas Club, scroll to the end of the page and open the document „Partner of Dunas Club“. Every company offers a different discount the holder receives when presenting the Dunas Club Card (and perhaps identity card) .

Check if you have paid the one-time fee of 10,00 € and if you have sent the payment document to Dunas Club. If however the card do not arrive, contact the Dunas Club for clarifying whether the card has been sent and for checking the address.

Yes, you can. Inform the Dunas Club. For the copy of the card we will deduct 20 bonus points from your account.

All bookings made through tour operators or any kind of service from third parties will not be converted into points.

Have you informed the personal at the moment of your reservation and/or arrival that you are a member of the Dunas Club? Perhaps the hotel has not received the information on time and additionally has not asked for it on your arrival, we apologize for it. If you can not find the welcome gift in your room and it does not arrive during your first day, we recommend you to inform the reception in order to correct the mistake.

Surely, it is an error made by the reception on your arrival day, we apologize for it. As soon as you inform the Dunas Club, indicating the details of your stay, your dates will be looked up and evaluated to provide you with your points.

The Dunas Club card is made out in the name of the holder and gives him the right to receive a number of gifts he will find in his room. If the companion/partner/spouse often travels alone we recommend to order the partner card. This is a card which is made out in the name of the partner and costs only 5,00 €. Thus the partner can enjoy all privileges offered by the original card, as well. At first the points are accumulated on separated accounts. However if you want to order a gift it is possible to unify them.

Perhaps you have a new residence or e-mail address and you have not informed the Dunas Club.
·    Check whether your server permits the receipt of Dunas Mail and do not refuse or consider as spam.
·    Write an e-mail with your current address to
·    If you do not have internet at home and want this information by post, contact the Dunas Club and ask explicitly for it.

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